The latest batch of JICA volunteers arrived in Sri Lanka on 24h January 2019. These young Japanese volunteers are here to provide services in their specific fields of expertise. JICA volunteers are sent to developing nations as a part of the Japanese Government’s Technical Cooperation Program, and their activities are aimed at providing assistance in economic and social development at grassroots level. All such volunteers undergo prior training in the languages of their host countries, and with regard to Sri Lanka, they conduct their activities in Sinhala or Tamil, depending on the region they are assigned.

This new batch of two JICA volunteers will be engaged in the provision of services in the field of Japanese Language Education and Music. The volunteers will be attached to institutions coming under Ministry of Education. Both two volunteers will work in Sri Lanka for a period of two years. Currently there are 47 volunteers working in all 9 provinces, and since the introduction of the program in 1981, over 1100 JICA volunteers have served in Sri Lanka.

On 22nd February, two Japanese young volunteers were introduced to their host organizations at the assigning ceremony, which was held at the Department of External Resources (ERD). The occasion was graced by ERD, JICA and officials representing the volunteers’ host organizations and other institutions. The volunteers introduced themselves and expressed their determination to carry out 2 year’s assignment in Sinhala language.

After the ceremony, the volunteers start working in each Sri Lankan host organization and, they commenced work on February 23rd.





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